Yo bro just wanted to say how much your course has impacted my life, it’s just pure fire no course on the market can even come close to it, and for the price as well you would just be insane not to do it.
The content in the course is just on another level, the telegram group chat is just amazing it’s like we’ve all become a big massive family, then the other telegram chat you just drop pure fire every week :fire:, your a true mentor to all of us and we all look up to you and are very grateful for everything you’ve done for us we all definitely owe you a drink, to anyone looking to do the course I highly recommend it the course is 11/10 don’t pay 5k for 3 days of bullshit just because they flash there Supercars around(NO NAMES MENTIONED) and pay 300£ instead for the best course on the market that comes with a true mentor, and a top bloke, that wants to genuinely help people out not rip them off, before I did the course I had been trading for about 27-30months and I was improving but the process was so slow and came at a costly price.
I was still making mistakes and I just couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong and I found myself doing the same dumb shit over and over blowing accounts…., I was lacking knowledge to find consistency and discipline once I did your course and went over all the content it was like instant everything started clicking and coming together everything started to make sense and I even started to see where I was going wrong.
I can also say I’ve been consistent since I’ve done the course after putting endless hours in going over and over all the content, you also explain everything so well and get into real detail but yet you make it so simple to understand, I’m now doing the funding challenge and currently at 6% gain in first the first week of the challenge so really bro from the bottom of my heart I thank you , you’ve taken my trading to a level that I dreamed of getting to one day, your the true goat :goat:not the dog walker and the gymnast, no handstands round here :speak_no_evil: 🤣
Abit long bro got emotional it just started flowing really man thank you genuinely thank you

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