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our history

In September 2020 I decided to create a telegram group dedicated to those who had completed the advanced course. We had already established a telegram channel for all BsappsFX members, but this new channel was exclusive to advanced course members to enable users to be surrounded by one another who were all on the same level.

There is specific terminology within the newer more extensive course, so it made sense to have a separate place where users could discuss ideas which used the latest terminology.

I did not anticipate the group would continue 3 years later, with 50% of initial members still being a part of the group 3 years later. Most users tend to cancel life’s subscriptions for a number of reasons, but the retention rate of this group is high. Rarely do serious members leave. If they do, it’s usually short term before they are back once again.

The advanced course created a more conservative trader. A dedicated trader, who was more disciplined and had a greater understanding of the markets and applied a more surgical approach to price action. Therefore as you could probably understand, the group itself was a huge success.

Fast forward to today, we have our most successful traders inside this group. Members who are funded not with just one account, but multiple 6 figure accounts. We have a handful of traders who are funded with 700k+. These incredible traders have not just passed the funded accounts, but actually held on to them consistently. Since only 8% of traders successfully pass the funded challenges, and then only half of these keep the accounts after just two weeks, this is an impressive achievement to have many of these traders within our group all in one place.

Group details

What is included within the group?

  1. The most important part of the group in my opinion is the community element. I imagine you are a trader yourself, hence why you’re reading this. Therefore I am sure you can relate when I say trading is a very lonely endeavour. Business and entrepreneurship in general is a very lonely journey. There are very few networking groups you can join which do not cost thousands in today’s world which are also not a scam, with one man milking everyone through selling an idea of joining an elite group of people only to be disappointed when they join to find it’s actually just a group of newbies.
  2. When you join, you get immediate access to hundreds of previous videos. These include webinars on a wide variety of topics such as journaling, creating trading plans, back testing, general discussions etc. You also gain access to hundreds of previous weekly videos to allow you to study and learn further in how we trade as a group and to follow previous analysis to see how it played out and how accurate my personal predictions were.
  3. Each week, I personally produce 2 weekly videos to keep users up to date with what is happening within the markets. I know from previous experience when I used to do one weekly video in the past for all BsappsFX members that two is the sweet spot. This is because so much can change within a few days and it’s good to re-do our analysis and adapt to new market conditions if they change as the week progresses.
  4. The 4 main channels within the discord are as follows. Announcement channel. Potential set ups channel – this shares potential new trade ideas which are developing and could be worthy of an entry. A structure change channel to keep you up to date as price action changes and a community channel for all users to share trade ideas.
  5. Each month, we do 3 full class webinars. One is with myself, the other two is with our head analyst Sergio, who has been with BsappsFX since the beginning and is one of our best traders, handpicked by me out of 3,000 members.
  6. At the end of every month, an end of month review video is created to highlight all possible BsappsFX trades which you could have taken. Usually these videos identify as much as 40-50% per month of potential trades which were flagged by our trading strategy criteria. These videos are created each month to help you identify trades easier and go back and study them.
  7. We also have a number of other channels within the discord. A crypto channel, a resources channel and an article channel. Many useful things posted in these on a frequent basis.
  8. We also have a group wins and a group losses channel. The group wins allows users to submit current trades they are in and funded account passes. You can either post your wins here, or study other people’s wins to determine how they achieved this result. The losses channel is equally as important as it allows users to submit losing traders for the group to discuss and provide constructive criticism if any, on how they could have improved.
  9. Finally, we have a back testing channel. Where Sergio or myself will hop on and do live back testing, or discuss general trading topics.
All of the above is only £69.00 per month and can be cancelled at any point easily within your BsappsFX dashboard.

Our Members Success



Passes and Certificates


“You can view the testimonials page to see the number of written reviews and the 23-minute video of testimonials from my students”

– To Recap –

Advanced Discord Group


Access to hundreds of previous webinars and weekly videos


Community channel of established traders


Potential set ups posted around the clock


Price action structure change channel


2 x Weekly videos


3 x Webinars per month


1 x End of month review


Crypto, resources and articles separate channels


Group wins and group losses separate channels


Back testing live channel

To join this great group of traders, there is a requirement for you to have purchased the advanced course. If you have not yet purchased the advanced course, you can either do so through the main BsappsFX website or alternatively reach out to me on telegram @bsapps or Instagram @bsappsfx to discuss further where I may be able to help with providing a discount to get you involved.

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