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our history

The BsappsFX V2 2020 course was initially launched in May 2019. You can find out more about the V2 2020 course on the About us page, where I explain the contents of this course in a short video, including a short video on the psychology course.

After the successful launch of both the BsappsFX V2 2020 course and psychology course, I decided to open a small mastermind group only available to 30 hand-picked students to test and teach some new refined techniques in alignment with the existing BsappsFX course.

The mastermind group was launched in October 2019, 6 months after the launch of BsappsFX V2 2020 course, and it had a waiting list of 200+, with people offering me £500+ just for a spot in the mastermind. But since no one rarely left the group, spaces never became available.

The goal of the mastermind was to see if I could turn 30 people into the exact copy of the way I trade.

Prior to launching the mastermind group, I began incorporating a term I invented called ‘RSP’ which stands for ‘Recent Swing Point’ which helps define bias. You will learn about the RSP act and rules and how to specifically use it within the advanced course.

As part of the mastermind subscription, I offered a personal 1-1 to each participant every month, a webinar every two weeks, plus a trade submission option where the students could send me three trades per week for review and feedback.

The mastermind ran until July 2020, and is now closed indefinitely. Every single webinar was recorded, a total of 23 webinars which is equal to 30 hours of content.

The growth from October 2019 to July 2020 from each member is very impressive, as you will see when you purchase the Advanced course and begin watching the MM webinars.

But the 30 hours of webinars is not all you will receive.

Based on what I was separately teaching the mastermind students, I decided in December 2019 to develop an in house education day teaching the same refined principals, rules and guidelines I was teaching in the mastermind to the normal BsappsFX students. In February 2019 I launched the first ‘In house education day’ followed by another in house course day in March for members.

I developed a specific interactive presentation for those who attended the in house course day, which focused on trader identity. Breaking each trader into aggressive, normal and conservative. The day also included RSP application, defining an exact trading plan and rules based on their risk appetite, consistent journaling and simulated live data collection and risk management.

The in house course was a big hit, turning mediocre traders into professionals.

Course Contents

So, what exactly is included in my forex course?


45+ videos

The advanced course has 7 different modules, and the entire course has 45 videos containing 44 hours of additional content.

The RSP Act

A term I invented called ‘RSP’ which stands for ‘Recent Swing Point’ which helps define bias. You will learn about the RSP act and rules and how to specifically use it within the advanced course.

BsappsFx Playbook

The playbook contains the exact trade examples which I define as ‘Perfect’ trade set ups to train your muscle memory in what to look for each time you trade.

The advanced course does not just include the 30 secret mastermind webinars, or just the in house course education day where people from all over the world flew in just to get a seat.

It also includes multiple 1-1 students calls, where I break down students immediate issues with trading, the advice I suggest both with life and with trading. The 1-1 calls contain priceless and valuable information you can take away and apply to your own trading.

Since successfully releasing the original BsappsFX V2 2020 course, I have learnt a lot from people just like you. How people think, the obvious and common mistakes they repeat, and majority of people fit into a category, and each category I have a remedy and antidote for. I have proven this through the BsappsFX V2 2020 course, the mastermind group and psychology course as I have 600+ people funded with third party capital of $100k-300k.

As little as 8% of people pass the challenge which allows them to secure the third party funding, and majority of those who do pass are BsappsFX members, which I am very proud of.

I believe most people consistently lose when trading because they are reacting on emotion, instead of logic.

Majority of budding traders looking to become successful have no trading plan, no rules in place, no concrete strategy and they are not reflecting on what they are doing each week to find their common flaws and points in which they repeatably sabotage themselves.

It also has a quiz at the end of the course where you can obtain a certificate of completion to download and print.

But the best part of the course is the 72 page BsappsFX advanced course playbook, delivered to your door. The playbook contains the exact trade examples which I define as ‘Perfect’ trade set ups to train your muscle memory in what to look for each time you trade. 

The entire course has been split into specific trade categories and terminology to help you define exactly what each trade is, and how to specifically trade the setup, or how not to trade it because it requires more price action. 

It’s a complete plug and play refined and advanced strategy which will entirely remove the emotion and need to think, and instead force you to just react on logic as opposed to reacting on how you feel on a particular day. It’s concrete and definitive, you just have to follow exactly as I say. 

The advanced course will give you a specific set of rules, and a rinse and repeat strategy which if followed will provide you with entries and risk to reward you have never witnessed before.

“You can view the testimonials page to see the number of written reviews and the 23-minute video of testimonials from my students”

So where should you start if you haven’t yet purchased any of BsappsFX products?

How to Start?

If you are completely new to BsappsFX, I would strongly suggest for you to first complete the BsappsFX V2 2020 course to learn the foundations of the strategy, witness the strategy in action and begin building confidence in a new way of trading. Because it takes some time to make BsappsFX a habit, in which you use it each day with no relapse of the previous ways in which you traded.

I would also suggest completing the psychology course, to learn how I mentally approach the markets.

Once these two courses have been completed, only then would I suggest for you to move on to the advanced course, because it will be difficult to understand the complexity and terminology of the advanced course if you haven’t yet learnt the foundations and inner workings of the exact strategy I teach first.

Eligibility to 

Mastermind Paid Group

Once you have completed the advanced course, you will also be eligible to enrol into my new mastermind paid group which will be of a much larger scale.

In the new paid group, you will find a constant stream of trade setups, trade updates on previously posted set ups, a webinar each month plus 2 weekly videos.

Although this paid group is optional.



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