This isn’t even a testimonial to everyone who’s reading it, it’s just fucking real talk, 100% raw truth.

The course is absolutely sensational, you cover everything from top down analysis, fibs, entry, re entry, SL, zones, different techniques for different pairs, correlation, swing trading, intra day, scalp. You name it.

You even share all your setups on a daily and weekly basis which are 90-95% right most of the time and cover 8-15 pairs a week.

Also, the telegram group is lit:fire:and filled with so much banter whilst easily catching hundreds-fousands of pips weekly🤮

Thank you for being a realist and being a truly genuine mentor:muscle:🏻

To whoever’s thinking of joining, y’all should seriously just do it, it’ll be the best decision of your life.

#BsappsArmy I’m out.

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