I came across Ben a couple months ago after trading for 6 months and becoming really lost. Most courses really weren’t affordable and were just selling a lifestyle and I had struggled to find anyone I was comfortable putting faith in.

However Ben completely changed things for me. Firstly, the course is insane, to that point your mouth is left open while watching him break down charts and explain how to use different tools to find setups, he’s a phenomenal teacher and trader. Seriously some of the breakdowns he does will blow your mind and have you doing handstands. I already knew the basics but this elevated things seriously and has helped me so much.

The two telegram groups Ben runs are another fantastic feature, you feel part of a community where you share ideas and Ben is very active in sharing his too and helping tweak ours so we’re all helping one another.

What’s more is Ben is always updating and adding to the course, literally ANYTHING you could want is there, (sometimes he’ll add things you didn’t even know you needed). This is all included in the one off membership. You simply won’t find that anywhere else and certainly won’t find a better or more genuine mentor or course.

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