Hey bro, just wana message to say thankyou so much for showing me your knowledge. I have been learning to trade for a year now and have learnt alot already. But your course has still provided me with some great info and some lightbulb moments which I never knew and for that I am very grateful that i purchased it. I have been scammed a few times but I trusted you and you came through with the goods and for that I thankyou 🖤 it’s good to know I can be in contact with you through out the day and never leave me waiting ages for replies, your a good mentor. With a skillset like trading its all about learning as much as you can about how to anaylsis and react to the markets from a technical, fundamental and physcological standpoint. It’s stupid now to think I used to think about the money, put money into an account and rather blow it by guessing (unintentionally of course haha), instead of paying for education to learn more about the markets. I would recomend anyone who wants to learn a forex to buy this course and learn the skillset before thinking about the money. It’s a long process and it will be worth while. We all want that freedom in life so sacrifice a little now to reap the rewards later! The course is the key to the next level your are missing! It help me and I’m sure it will help you!

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