BsappsFX is nothing short incredible. The man behind the veil Ben or Ben Christ as he is famously known is both a natural born educator and mentor. He is beyond passionate, honest, and transparent about what he does! which is very veeery rare in this industry. Simply put he is a no bullshit kinda guy.. if he gets a call wrong or gets stopped out he actually owns up to it n doesn’t run aways like so many other so called “gurus” in the market. Honestly its a breath a fresh air.

Iv been trading for just over 2 years now n its been an up and down journey..but i can honestly say ever since i became a member of the BsappsFX Army over a month ago my trading has taken a massive turn towards better results and I no longer feel alone as both Ben and the whole community is super and i mean SUPER active and responsive to trade ideas n discussions so you never ever feel alone.

Honestly if you consider the amount he is charging for the course and the value…REAL VALUE that you get not only from it but from the community as a whole.. no offence but you would really have to be an idiot not to buy it.. like on the real real… BUY THE BLOODY THING AND COME THANK ME IN THE GROUP WHEN YOU GET THAT “HOLY SHIT THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE” MOMENT.

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